ABV 6.9%, IBU 77, SRM 8.8

An attitudy-judy IPA hopped with authority. Then, dry hopped with simcoe to an attention getting finish.

Burrowing owl brown ale

ABV 5.0, IBU 31, SRM 18

Hint of chocolate, malty but not roasty, with a slightly nutty character - like our beloved owls.

Gongoozler Ale

ABV 4.7%, IBU 21, SRM 3.1

Verb: (Old English) To idly watch activity on a canal. Perfect for Cape Coral in name & style. This is the quintessential boating, fishing, lawn mowing & canal cruising ale. A clean, crisp, medium-bodied Kolsch that's light in color, but not in taste. Great choice for those new to craft beer.

Cole Porter

ABV 4.0%, IBU 30.1 SRM 32.2

Our sessionable Porter that will let you sing after 2, without forgetting the words!

Blind Date Wheat

ABV 7.4%, IBU 24.7, SRM 6.2

Not much to look at, but a great personality! Cloudy, slightly hop forward with white wheat & sensuous aromatic malts resulting in a surprising, awesome, American wheat experience.

Galactic Banana

ABV 5.7%, IBU 31, SRM 18

Far-out banana, clove & coriander. Takes you on a suds trip to beervana.

Hungryland IPA

ABV 5.7%, IBU 52.1, SRM 6.7

Hungryland alludes to Cape Coral's past when homesteaders earned their patch of green via "proving it up" & farming their land. We "prove up" our American Pale Ale via dry-hopping to produce an excellent APA that is refreshing, hoppy & satisfying with sufficient supporting malts.

Yacht Club Cream Ale

ABV 4.1%, IBU 14.3, SRM 2.9

Generously carbonated & wildly refreshing. A delicious, light Cream Ale. Perfect for a 3-hour cruise.